Why Kids Should Come First Amid Divorce

No one marriage is the same. Neither is divorce. But in both cases, the repercussions of a nasty dispute can affect a child. Ye (Kanye West) and Kim Kardashian West have made headlines for several months. Their infamous divorce has been a near spectacle and a relatable experience for most couples throughout the pandemic.

Most recently, Ye admitted to not getting invited to his daughter Chicago’s birthday party as the divorce proceedings were still in motion. In a 44-minute-interview with Hollywood Unlocked, he discussed his divorce from Kim. But his feelings about the kids were clear.

As Complex paraphrased, he said: “They can go on SNL and make jokes. They can make jokes in the media. They can plant stories about whoever I’m dating…but I’m going to tell you straight up: Don’t play with my kids.”

Divorced parent interactions should always be cordial and “kid-focused.” A family law attorney always stresses the psychological concerns placed on children. Without supportive parenting and legal assistance from a divorce attorney the first year will be one of the roughest. Kids tend to struggle or act out during the first couple of years. It takes time to process periods of anger, sadness, or anxiety.

At The Law Offices of Nigel Burns we prioritize what both parents want out of the separation. But we’re also looking out for the kids, whether they’re young, in grade school, even teens. Additional tips to help your child during this difficult time include:

  • Avoid putting kids in the middle of the divorce
  • Promote a healthy relationship between kids
  • Encourage your children to express how they’re feeling
  • Coping skills are key – provide an outlet so that they can process thoughts or feelings
  • Speak with a divorce attorney immediately to reduce the stress levels of everyone involved.

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