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Step Child Adoption Lawyer

How to Legally Adopt a Stepchild

In some families stepparents take a very active role in the upbringing of the children. Whether it is because the children’s biological parent has passed, or simply absent from the child’s life, stepparents are “stepparents” only in title, and real parents in every other sense. Under those circumstances, stepchildren adoptions may be very beneficial. Adoption creates a legal parent-child relationship and gives the adoptive parents and children the exact same rights and obligations as biological parents in children would have. This can be accomplished in two ways: by consent of the biological parents or through a hearing. Legally speaking, the process is not overly complicated, if the biological parent consents. Practically speaking, consent may be difficult to obtain, which leaves most people with a court hearing as their only option. This procedure may seem intimidating. However, having an experienced family law attorney in your corner can ease the stress of your adoption hearing, and assure that your rights are protected

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