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Denise I. Flores

Denise I. Flores has a substantial amount of experience in the legal field, as she has had the honor of working with legal professionals who have mentored her throughout her career for over 20 years. Denise attended San Antonio College and Rio Honda College, and has worked closely with professors of law and the Pasadena Paralegal Program. She has attended several seminars and workshops, which have been extremely beneficial in improving her knowledge and skills.

Denise takes pride in working with a team of professionals that maintain their loyalty, dedication, integrity, and most importantly, provide an open line of communication with clients. Denise takes great pleasure in working with a professional and caring staff, as well as Nigel Burns, who is not only her employer, but her mentor, too.

Denise enjoys spending time with her two children, and six grandchildren. She also enjoys art, rug making, singing with her grandchildren, as well as helping with church events.

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