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Family Law in Los Angeles

Are You in Need of a Lawyer for Family Issues?

For many people sometime in their lives, an issue will arise requiring the assistance of a family law attorney. Whether you are getting divorced, seeking custody of your children, or perhaps have a question about alimony payments or a civil union, a family law attorney is prepared to answer questions about these and other related areas. While you may be able to get the answers you need from an attorney not specializing in this area of law, you cannot always be sure the advice you receive will be accurate and reliable. Rather than take a chance of being misinformed and potentially losing out on gaining custody of your children or crucial alimony or child support payments, seek the advice of a family law attorney Los Angeles knows and trusts at Burns Law.

Family Issues

Although divorce is the most common area of family law in which people require the services of family court lawyers Los Angeles, it is by far not the only issue. For example, questions surrounding marriage require the expertise of a lawyer for family issues. Since marriage laws can vary from state to state, it is possible the legality of a marriage may be called into question. Along with this, if a couple wants to adopt a child or needs help working out a suitable custody agreement following a divorce, a family law attorney will be needed.


Though defined as the legal or spiritual union of two people, marriage often takes many forms in various states across the nation. As a result, just because one couple's union is recognized by one state does not mean it won't be considered illegal in another. This is especially true of polygamous marriages where a man or woman may claim to have more than one spouse, as well as marriages where one spouse may be considered to be under the legal age to be married. Since these situations will always be very complex, you will without a doubt find yourself saying I need a family law lawyer to help resolve the situation.


As mentioned earlier, divorce is the most common area of family law attorneys in this specialty deal with on a daily basis. Whether it is a couple getting divorced or perhaps one spouse who may be claiming a divorce that has already taken place was not valid, a family law attorney Los Angeles recognizes for their experience and knowledge will be needed to sort out the details. In most situations where a divorce is occurring, each spouse will need family court lawyers Los Angeles clients trust to help negotiate divorce agreements involving such areas as child custody, visitation, child support payments, alimony payments, division of property, and other crucial areas.

Division of Property and Assets

Of all the areas that offer the potential for conflict between spouses who are divorcing, division of property and assets often has the most disputes when a divorce agreement is being negotiated. Defined to be equitable distribution, division of property and assets can take many forms depending on whether the divorce is being contested or uncontested. For example, if both spouses are in agreement as to which assets each deserves to take with them following a divorce, the agreement can be reached through their attorneys or by mediation. However, if one or both spouses are disagreeing vehemently as to how property and assets should be divided, it is likely the matter will need to be settled in court by a judge. Whatever the case may be in these situations, a lawyer for family issues from Burns Law will fight hard to ensure your rights during the divorce proceedings are protected.

Child Custody

Along with attempting to divide up the property and assets of a couple during a divorce, child custody also tends to make emotions run very high among both spouses. However, child custody issues are not limited to divorces alone. For example, in the event one or both parents die in an accident, custody may need to be granted to grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other relatives. In addition, should a parent or parents be declared unfit by the court, a decision about child custody will need to be made. In any of these cases, it is possible different parties may believe they are the ones best suited to raise a child. If this happens, there will be no doubt you will have determined I need a family law lawyer to make sure your rights are protected from the beginning of your case until its conclusion.

Sole Custody or Joint Custody

The two primary forms of custody, sole custody or joint custody differ greatly in which parent will have decision-making authority over such important matters as healthcare, religious upbringing, education, and other issues. If a person has sole custody of a child, the child will live exclusively with that person. Along with this, that person will have the sole legal power to make important life decisions regarding the child. However, in joint custody arrangements, two parents or persons share legal and physical custody of the child. As a result, they share in both the legal living arrangements for the child as well as the legal decision-making capabilities. Since there can be disagreements now and then between parties that have joint custody or even where one person has sole custody of a child, don't hesitate to decide I need a family law lawyer from Burns Law to help me retain my parental rights in these matters.

No matter what area of family law you may need help with, it is always crucial you put your confidence in family court lawyers Los Angeles clients know win their cases on a regular basis. If you decide to select just any attorney for your case, the results could be disastrous, resulting in you losing custody of your child, having valuable assets be taken from you, or other similar situations. To keep this from happening, consult today with a lawyer for family issues at Burns Law.

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