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Taking Your Personal Injury Case to Court: Is Litigation Worth It?

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In many situations where people have been injured while falling in a store, using a product that is defective, or in a car accident with a distracted driver, severe injuries and other damages result. Yet in many cases, victims hesitate taking their cases to court because they know little about the process. Whether it is hiring an attorney, gathering evidence, or knowing which court to use, these and other factors play significant roles in determining whether or not victims gain compensation they need and deserve. If you are wondering if you need a civil litigation attorney for a possible lawsuit, here are some crucial tips you should carefully consider.

Personal Injury Claim

When determining if litigation is worth it, you will need to remember the basic aspects of civil litigation as they will apply to your specific case. For example, always keep in mind that civil cases are concerned with gaining financial compensation, which is done by holding another party or parties accountable for their negligence and carelessness. Therefore, always discuss your case in great detail with an injury attorney Los Angeles clients respect, such as one from Burns Law.

Hiring or Not Hiring an Attorney?

In almost all types of personal injury cases, it is highly recommended you consult with and hire an attorney who can advise you each step of the way. Should you decide to not hire an LA civil litigation lawyer who accident victims trust from Burns Law, you are putting your chances of gaining compensation at great risk. Though you can choose to represent yourself and be known as a "pro se" litigant, the court will still hold you to the same legal standards as a licensed attorney. Since you are likely to make many mistakes trying to present your case in court, rely instead on business litigation lawyers.

Is Small Claims Court an Option?

If you have a relatively small case in terms of compensation you are seeking, you may want to consider filing your case in small claims court. But if you do, beware of a few things. To begin with, you likely will not be able to pursue compensation for pain and suffering, which could leave you without thousands of dollars in additional compensation. Also, verdicts in small claims courts are often capped at around $10,000 or slightly more, which could also hinder your ability to gain maximum compensation. Thus, prior to pursuing your case in small claims court, always consult first with a small claims lawyer Los Angeles clients trust after their accidents, such as an attorney from Burns Law.

Higher Court Litigation

For the vast majority of personal injury cases, lawsuits are filed in higher courts at the local, state, or federal levels. Due to the complexities involved in gathering and examining evidence, cross-examining witnesses who may be called upon to testify, and arguing cases in a compelling manner to a jury, having a skilled attorney on your side increases your chances of success in winning your case and being granted the compensation you need and deserve. Since attorneys who represent clients in these cases are often highly-experienced and knowledgeable about the law, never try to be your own attorney in these situations. Instead, trust the advice of a civil litigation lawyer Los Angeles respects for their track record of success in personal injury cases, such as Burns Law.

Determining Compensation

When you are making the decision as to if you should pursue civil litigation in a personal injury matter, always take the time needed to determine your compensation as it applies to medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. When doing so, it is often best to meet with business litigation law firm who clients know fight hard from beginning to end on each case, which is what attorneys at Burns Law do day after day. At your initial consultation, try to have proof of your medical expenses and lost income with you, since this can help your attorney decide how much compensation should be sought in the event you pursue litigation.

Insurance Company Attorneys

Once your personal injury lawsuit gets underway, expect insurance company attorneys to do everything they can to make sure you never see one dollar of compensation for your injuries. Though they may try to convince you they are really trying to help you, insurance company attorneys are doing anything but that when speaking to or meeting with you. As an example, an attorney may call you and attempt to initiate a conversation about specific details of your accident. Along the way, they will hope to make you say things that imply you were not seriously injured or that the accident was your fault. In other situations, you may be surprised to have an insurance company attorney contact you and offer you a quick cash settlement. However, this amount of money will pale in comparison to what you could receive through personal injury litigation. Rather than let yourself fall victim to these tactics and make mistakes you will regret in the years ahead, always allow your family law attorney in Los Angeles from Burns Law to handle any negotiations with insurance companies.

Contingency Fees

Should you want to hire a personal injury attorney to help you gain compensation, remember that most of these attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning they don't get paid unless they win your case. In most situations, the fee is one-third of a negotiated settlement or 40 percent of the award if the case goes to trial. Therefore, always make sure the value of your claim will cover not only your damages, but also your attorney's fees after your case is resolved.

If you need a civil litigation attorney to help you hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions, look no further than Burns Law. By scheduling an immediate consultation, you can be on your way to gaining the financial compensation needed to pay medical expenses and replace lost income.

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