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How Can Adult Protective Services Help in a Nursing Home Abuse Case?

Reporting Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Unfortunately, you have cases where nursing home abuse happens, and you have to take active measures to protect people. People over the age of sixty are the fastest growing age category in the United States, and we have more and more Baby Boomers headed to the nursing homes, which means that cases like this could increase. 

Older people need specialized care so that they can live out the remainder of their lives smoothly. When they don’t receive the level of care they need, or even worse, their caretakers abuse them, this can lead to an early death.

Alarming Statistics

Based on the statistics, anywhere from 10 percent up to 50 percent of the elderly with dementia in nursing homes face abuse and neglect, using information from the National Center of Elder Abuse. That's a lot of people, and it shows us that we have to take this problem seriously. When you call elder abuse lawyers in Los Angeles, you will receive the representation needed and the protection necessary for your loved one. You must take action to report nursing home neglect. While you can sue a nursing home for negligence, the damage done to your loved one can't be undone. It is better to take active measures to protect them right from the start.

How Does Adult Protective Services Help?

In cases where you have nursing home abuse and neglect, you can either call Adult Protective Services directly, or you could choose to bring them in at the request of law enforcement or health enforcement officials. They will conduct an investigation to determine if abuse or neglect has taken place. In those situations, removing the person from the premises and suing a nursing home for negligence becomes possible. For each case, they will look at the individual needs of each person to determine what actions must be taken for their best interests.

After You Make a Report, What Happens?

Once you have filed a report with Adult Protective Services, how they choose to proceed will differ from one state to the next. In some states, the sequence of events will be different from the next. Speaking on a general basis, however, after you have filed the report, a trained Adult Protective Services official will screen the report. They will look at the criteria that meet abuse and neglect, and if it shows strong signs of this, an investigator will meet with the victim of the abuse.

During this meeting, they will conduct an investigation. The investigator pays special attention to different signs from the victim, and they will do an evaluation to see if nursing home neglect has taken place. They will examine things like:

  • Mental health problems
  • Physical health problems
  • Safety
  • Independence

It depends on the circumstances, but over the course of the meeting, the investigator may contact law enforcement to assist with the needs of the individual. Once the investigator has finished with the evaluation, he will arrange for different things like legal, economic, housing, medical and other services to help with the elder's situation. You may find that suing a nursing home for negligence is one of the best ways that you can get them to respond to the abuse. In fact, you have a civic duty to do this because it ensures that they clamp down on abuse within their home, and they don't allow for it to continue.

How Lawyers Can Help

You want to hire nursing home neglect lawyers because they can help you with your case, and they will protect your loved one. Sometimes, one of the best ways to get a nursing home to understand the gravity of their actions is by holding them accountable legally. In this way, they will clamp down on those who are committing the abuse. 

An elder abuse law firm can ensure that you remain protected. When you hire a family law attorney at a Los Angeles law firm, we will gather evidence from the case and present it to the courts. This can lead to a settlement that brings justice to the one who was harmed.

Getting a Response Matters

The scope and prevalence of abuse within the nursing home is part of what has become the problem because you do have a big problem with this. We need to take active measures to address the abuse in nursing homes, and in some cases, that means that we report nursing home neglect, but you have other cases where you should speak with a family law attorney.

An estimated one in six elderly people have suffered some form of abuse in the nursing home, which should give you an idea about the extent of this problem. In fact, two out of three staff have even admitted to having committed abuse within the last year. If that doesn't show that a problem exists, it will be hard to find a better way.

What Measures Prevent Abuse?

You have a few different measures that have been taken as a way to prevent elderly abuse within nursing homes. For example, public awareness campaigns have helped to spread knowledge of this problem. Residential policies have also placed a focus on how to improve and define better standards of care for people. They have also given caregivers training on how to address some of the problems that can arise such as dementia in people. Understanding some of these things can make a huge difference.

After you have had a situation, you should call nursing home neglect lawyers who can help. They will understand how to best protect your loved one's legal rights, and they can defend your loved one who may be vulnerable to this type of abuse. Laws exist to prevent bad things from happening, but when they still happen, the laws help to bring those accountable to justice. Nursing home abuse and neglect happen across the country, and it can be a difficult problem to avoid because of that.

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