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Have you or a loved one been injured while walking or jogging? If so, you may be entitled to justice and compensation for the injuries that you have endured. Unfortunately, drivers are most often the cause of pedestrian accidents, as they face many distractions and other factors that can lead to an accident. Even if you are obeying the rules of the road as a pedestrian, an accident can still happen due to the negligence of a driver. 

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident is never easy. It’s painful, stressful, and involves many other negative factors. This is why it is so important to seek legal help from a pedestrian accident attorney. 

Your lawyer can help ease the stress that arises from an accident. It is our job to obtain a maximum settlement for the unfortunate circumstances that you have endured, such as pain and suffering, present and future medical bills, lost wages, loss of future income, and much more. While we handle all of the legalities of your case, you can focus on healing and getting back to where you need to be. 

At the Law Offices of Nigel Burns, our team of accident injury lawyers in Los Angeles has an abundance of experience in successfully handling cases like these. We know what it takes to bring justice to our clients, and we always help them from start to finish. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident due to the fault of a driver, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, which means that there are no upfront or hidden fees and you only pay us if we win your case.

How Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Pedestrian accidents can occur due to an array of issues, and often, the repercussions are devastating. Here are a few common causes of pedestrian accidents:

Distracted driving (texting, talking on the phone, etc.)

  • Drivers speeding
  • Drivers not yielding to pedestrians
  • Drivers turning at intersections without ensuring the road is clear of pedestrians
  • Driving while under the influence (DUI)
  • Design defects in crosswalk locations and other areas

Because Los Angeles is such a populated area, it is important to always abide by traffic laws and take extra precaution while driving to avoid a catastrophic accident from occurring. 

Types of Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents

As a pedestrian, you do not have any external protection, therefore, our bodies are not able to withstand the damage that a vehicle can cause. These types of accidents often cause serious injuries for pedestrian accident victims, and sometimes, even fatalities. Here are some of the most common injuries that victims can suffer from a pedestrian accident:

  • Lacerations and bruises
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Head injuries (concussions, traumatic brain injuries, or coma)
  • Spinal cord injuries (paralysis or other loss of function)
  • Wrongful death

If you or a loved one have suffered any type of injury from a pedestrian accident, it is essential to get help from a pedestrian injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our team of lawyers will do everything it takes to preserve your rights and get you the compensation needed for what you have endured. 

Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you are in need of a team of expert lawyers for getting hit by a car, don’t hesitate to reach out to our compassionate, yet aggressive team. We understand that dealing with the aftermath is not easy, which is why we take great pride in getting our clients back to where they need to be, physically, emotionally, and financially. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Pedestrian Accident FAQs

How Long Do I Have to File My Lawsuit if I Was Hit by a Car?

California personal injury lawsuits typically must be filed within two years of the day of the accident. In the event you have just now discovered injuries from getting hit by a car more than two years earlier, it’s still possible you can get compensation from the driver who hit you if you can prove that the injuries are the result of the accident. 

Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way?

The common adage “the pedestrian always has the right of way” is not exactly correct. Someone on foot has more mobility and more ways to maneuver out of the way of traffic. Therefore, California courts often examine the pedestrians behavior before handing over compensation. They will see if you acted negligently, and if you did, your settlement amount may be lowered. 

Do Pedestrians Have to Obey Traffic Signals?

Pedestrians should obey traffic signals. Crosswalks protect pedestrians, but if you cross when drivers have the green light, this is considered negligent. If you were jaywalking, or crossing in the middle of the road instead of waiting for a crosswalk, you will also be accused of being negligent by the other side’s team of attorneys. You should try to obey traffic signals at all times to stay safe. If you were acting perfectly within the law and still got hit by a car, then reach out to our attorneys to file a claim!

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