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Divorce can wreak havoc on your credit and finances. Use these seven tips to gain financial clarity during this turbulent time in your life. Pull Your Credit Report Before filing for divorce, you should pull your credit report. Even if you retain a spousal support lawyer Los Angeles filers like you will need this report
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Challenging a will or a trust in California is an unusual occurrence. Most will pass through probation without any problem. According to trust litigation lawyers Los Angeles, only 1% of wills or trusts are challenged. California’s law allows survivors to challenge a will if they doubt its legitimacy. You can contest a will immediately the
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Adoption is a legal proceeding that allows an adult to inherit parental obligations of a child who’s not biologically related to them. Once you have successfully adopted a child, the birth parent’s legal entitlement is nullified (not unless the adoption is for ‘second parent’), and you will be required to provide child support and custody.
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Recently, the Bakersfield Police Department has arrested a 28-year-old male on suspicion of multiple crimes. Anthony Herrera was suspected of aggravated assault using a deadly weapon, residential burglary, and elder abuse. Police said he attacked an older woman in the Central Bakersfield area. When the police arrived at the call, they found the victim had
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Marital property, as the name suggests, refers to property acquired during the marriage. Inheritance, third party gifts, and property acquired before marriage are considered separate property. Couples can choose to seclude certain properties from marital property. In this case, divorce attorney Los Angeles can help partners sign a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Couples need to
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