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Sean Burns

Sean Burns is a specialist in personal injury matters and financial accounting, skills that he uses to bring about the best results for our clients in family law and civil cases. He is a diligent student and dedicated employee as well as the son of Nigel Burns, meaning much of his day is filled with discourse about the firms cases and the law industry.

Sean has worked in construction but he spends most of his time outside of work studying stock market investing. This interest has given him the tools to analyze balance sheets, income and cash flow statements while learning to approach complicated cases from a simplified point of view. Similar to how Sean will do research and make the argument for or against an investment, is his approach with the matters he works on. This can be seen through his acts of finding supporting evidence that substantiates the claims of our clients while making reasonable calculations of the financial, physical and emotional damages. Sean has been filing, working on personal injury and family law matters and helping improve operations at the firm for over two and a half years. This work experience has helped him to grow, improve and gain a sort of expertise in the field of law.

In his free time, Sean enjoys playing basketball, watching the Lakers, working out, reading investment books, cooking and watching movies. He also enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to Ireland when given the chance.

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