5 Exotic Pets That Are Legal in California

Something that our civil litigation lawyers know is that the law is complex and up to the interpretation to the judges and juries of the case at hand. At our Los Angeles offices, we get people of all backgrounds walking in saying “I need a civil litigation attorney.”

One of the craziest questions our attorneys get is from people who think we can defend them from having their exotic pet forcibly removed from their home. Sadly, California laws are pretty clear on what animals you can and can’t have. We list a few exotic pets you CAN legally have below so that maybe you can be more informed next time you go to an exotic pet expo and start itching to pull out your checkbook.

  1. Zebra

These striking and beautiful bovines are understandably legal. Their gentle nature makes them easy to keep along with other kinds of farm animals such as horses and goats. They do spook more easily than traditional barnyard animals, so an experienced trainer should be around anytime human interactions occur.

  1. Second Generation ‘Wolfdogs’

Wolfdogs, also known as wolf hybrids, are difficult to label since crossover between domesticated dogs and wolves is common. In California, you can keep an F3 or higher level wolfdog as a pet; many dog lovers like having a step up from the traditional husky or wolfhound, so they instead would like a dog with some wolf genes mixed in.

It’s extremely important to note that a dog with wolf in their genes is more likely to have an aggressive streak, especially when their territory, meaning your home, is invaded by others. Those with wolf hybrids should be extremely vigilant of the animal’s behavior when others are around.

  1. Toucans

The campy and entertaining toucan is legal to own in California. Most accounts say they make great pets because they are friendly, playful, and intelligent. They will play with toys with their owners and keep them company.

These birds are not skittish, and they will sit on your shoulder, lap, or nearby with pleasure.

  1. Peacock

A peacock is actually legal to own in all 50 states. They come in multiple subspecies, but the blue peacock is more adaptable, tamer, and less aggressive than other types, making it the best and most common peacock pet.

  1. Bengal Cat

A Bengal cat gives pet owners the excitement of owning an exotic cat without any of the risks. Bengal cats are comparably sized to regular housecats, but they are marked by spots on their sides and stunning emerald green eyes. These cats are extremely energetic, so make sure you carve out portions of your day to spend with them. While bobcats and tigers are illegal in California, a pet Bengal cat may give you the edge you need.

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