Unmarried Couples and Adoption

Adoption is a legal proceeding that allows an adult to inherit parental obligations of a child who’s not biologically related to them. Once you have successfully adopted a child, the birth parent’s legal entitlement is nullified (not unless the adoption is for ‘second parent’), and you will be required to provide child support and custody.

Unmarried couples can legally be allowed to adopt a child if the court of law sees fit, and the couple is capable of providing the necessary needs to the child. Currently, there are over 1.4 million children who have been adopted in the United States. That being said, below are some facts that should remain etched in your mind in regards to unmarried couples and adoption.

How can Unmarried Couples adopt a child?
When an unmarried couple jointly adopts a child, they both have equivalent accountability over the child. Adoption entities are granted the authority to implement their own rules and regulations on who is suitable to adopt as long as they abide by the state law.

These agencies are often against the idea of unmarried couples adopting a child; this is why such couples should prepare to respond appropriately to a variety of questions that will be asked to test the parenting skills.

A local social service agency will interview the parents and do a home study then report to the court, which will determine the adoption.

Second Parent versus Stepparent Adoption
Stepparent adoption is where one of the child’s parents is not biologically related to them. Still, the parent has agreed to assume parental responsibilities to this child. When adopting a step child, it is vital to seek legal aid from a competent attorney for step child adoption. If not, you might end up spending a fortune and a lot of time.

However, if the adopting couple is unmarried (which is referred to as second-parent adoption), not only will a home study be required, but they are also likely to pay significantly higher fees. Unless in the case of child abandonment, abuse and neglect, the child cannot be adopted without written consent from both parents.

If the mother tends to be the noncustodial parent, the social service agency will evaluate whether her consent will be relevant. When a parent abuses the child and consistently injures them, talking with a family law attorney Los Angeles would be the best place to start. Our family law attorney Los Angeles will explain all the legal pros and cons that you may encounter and your chances of successfully landing the adoption.

After the injury consultation, you may then visit the step child adoption lawyer Los Angeles, to get insight of what happens in such cases.

Get an Adoption Attorney to assist you
Now that you have familiarized yourself with some essential facts on adoption amidst unmarried couples, it is still vital to contact a lawyer who will assist you throughout the proceedings. If you intend on learning how to legally adopt a stepchild, contact the nearest step child adoption lawyer Los Angeles, it is also vital to understand that adopting a stepchild is certainly not a walk in the park. Since you’ll be obligated to assume all parental responsibilities of the child, the attorney for step child adoption will explain all the dos and don’ts on how to legally adopt a stepchild.

Are you planning to adopt your partner’s child and would like the process to be smooth? Contact us today, and let our experienced and certified adoption attorneys guide you through the best way forward.

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