Spike in domestic violence victims in need of protection as COVID quarantines lift

As infection cases of coronavirus rise, quarantine is ensuring countries curb the spread of the disease. Quarantine has created a relationship between domestic violence and COVID-19. While quarantine aims to save lives, it has put a particularly vulnerable group, domestic violence victims, at risk. Quarantine traps women and children at home with their abusers increasing the number of domestic violence victims. Men can also fall victim to domestic violence, but women and children are more vulnerable.

There has been a rise of domestic violence victims all over the world. The United Kingdom, for example, reported that domestic violence cases rose by 120% since lockdown started. In Los Angeles,hotline calls for domestic violence has doubled since the implementation of quarantine. The need for a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney has doubled as a result. A family law attorney Los Angeles can also be useful in cases of domestic abuse. A family law attorney Los Angeles attends to cases of people injured both physically and mentally by another person or organization. An increase in domestic violence victims has resulted in an increased need for a domestic abuse lawyer Los Angeles and a rise in restraining orders.

Is a restraining order useful?
A restraining order is issued by a family court to protect victims of violence from their abusers. The abuser is forced by the law to keep a distance from the victim and forbids any form of contact with the victim through calls, emails or social media. It ensures that the abuser pays child support and any pending mortgages.

What do I need to get a restraining order?
Domestic violence victims are often troubled with questions such as when and what do I need to get a restraining order against my abuser? Abusers usually start with verbal abuse that progresses slowly to physical violence. When the abuse gets physical and threatens the lives of the victims, a restraining order is crucial.

To get a restraining order, you need to file a petition with a family court, which is responsible for handling domestic violence cases. You also need an affidavit that explains to the court why the restraining order is relevant. A notary is necessary to act as a witness when you sign the affidavit and petition. The court also requires some evidence of domestic violence such as emails, and copies of medical and police reports if available. If a history of domestic violence is available, it can be useful to the court.

Do I need an attorney for a restraining order hearing?
A Los Angeles domestic violence attorney is usually not essential when filing for a restraining order. However, it prompts the question of “Do I need an attorney for a restraining order hearing?” A domestic abuse lawyer Los Angeles is essential in a restraining order hearing. The lawyer can help you understand some rights associated with a restraining order. Identifying and organizing evidence for the hearing can also be done by a domestic abuse lawyer.

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