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Why You Need A Los Angeles Divorce Attorney and How We Can Help

Whether you are going through a divorce that is contested or one that both of you agree needs to take place, it will nevertheless be extremely stressful and sad. If children happen to be part of the equation, the situation can be even more upsetting to everyone. Yet despite the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing, it is still important to think clearly so that you walk away from your divorce with your finances and other related areas intact. From the division of property to making decisions about child support payments and alimony, these and other areas require the expertise of a skilled family law attorney Los Angeles residents trust, which is why you should contact Burns Law.

Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

By hiring a divorce attorney Los Angeles clients turn to so that their rights are protected throughout the divorce process, you can come away from the experience with the best possible agreement you could expect. For example, if there are questions as to whether custody should be sole or joint, having an experienced attorney working on your case can make all the difference. In addition, you will also be able to ensure your asset and property division lawyer will not give in to the other side and allow you to lose out on valuable assets such as real estate, businesses, and other assets that will be needed post-divorce.

Filing for Divorce

When you are ready to file for divorce from your spouse, it must be done so based on the state's residency laws. This means you must file for divorce within the county in which you have lived, and you must have lived there for at least the previous three months. Along with this, you must also have resided in California for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. Should you not meet these requirements, you still have the option of filing for a legal separation, so keep this in mind. Should questions arise about residency and other areas, always speak to a property division lawyer Los Angeles residents know well at Burns Law.

A Community Property State

Since dividing up a couple's assets is usually one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce, it will serve you well to hire a divorce lawyer and property division attorney from Burns Law to handle your case. Due to California being a community property state, this means the property acquired by you and your spouse during the marriage is usually divided equally between both parties upon divorce. However, questions and disputes almost always arise as to whether certain assets were obtained during the marriage or separately by a spouse. If you believe your spouse is trying to obtain property during the divorce to which they are not entitled, let your asset and property division lawyer from Burns Law handle the matter on your behalf.

Child Custody

Along with disputes about assets and property, child custody is also one of the most hotly-contested areas involved in divorce hearings. Since the court will always do whatever it believes will best benefit the child, it is crucial you keep your cool while your divorce plays out. Otherwise, you could not only lose custody of your child, but also be severely restricted by the court regarding visitation should things get too out of hand. Typically, courts will look at which spouse has the best means to provide for the child's physical, emotional, and financial needs when determining custody agreements. However, if you and your spouse can reach an understanding on your own, this can greatly influence the court's decision.

Support Payments

While child custody can sometimes be contentious in these situations, so too can support payments applying to both a spouse and children. Again, the court will look at not only the custody agreement in these matters, but also the financial standing of you and your spouse. This can be crucial, since if you are the spouse who has primarily supported your family over the years, chances are you will be expected to pay child support as well as alimony to your spouse. Once the court makes a decision in this area, it can be quite difficult to get it changed. Therefore, you should always make sure your family law attorney Los Angeles trusts from Burns Law will work closely with you on this area. If you are not forthcoming regarding assets and other financial information, the ruling issued by the court could be difficult for you to comply with on a long-term basis.

Marriage Dissolution

In some situations, it may make more sense for you and your spouse to not get a divorce, but to instead become legally separated. This can have many benefits, such as allowing the two of you to live apart from one another and move forward with your lives. However, it can also be extremely beneficial to you from a financial perspective, especially if you believe support payments and the dividing up of property would create a severe financial hardship for yourself. By becoming legally separated, you can avoid the burden of child support and spousal support payments. To make sure this process is done properly through the courts, always hire an experienced property division lawyer Los Angeles knows and respects from Burns Law.

Do What is Best for You

Since almost any divorce is complex in many ways, always work with a divorce lawyer and property division attorney who has your best interests at heart. Ultimately, your goal after a divorce is to come out of it unscathed as much as possible financially as well as personally. Therefore, make sure whatever support and custody agreements that are reached are ones you can live with in the coming years.

Rather than wind up on the losing end of your divorce proceedings, schedule a consultation today with Burns Law. By having a divorce attorney Los Angeles clients turn to time and time again, you will have peace of mind and come out a winner.

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