Audrina Patridge’s Ex-Husband Files For Child Support After Losing Job Due To COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has, unfortunately, led to the unemployment of millions of Americans. This has led to a large financial struggle for many. Audrina Patridge‘s ex-husband is feeling the strain as he just filed with the court for her to pay child support.

Television presenter, model, and actress are just a few of the roles that American television personality Audrina Patridge has on her resume. The 35-year old California native has undergone divorce in the limelight. Known for her roles on The Hills and Dancing With The Stars, she’s now undergoing legal scrutiny in regards to child support.

Legal Documents Filed At The Orange County Superior Court
Los Angeles child support lawyers have found themselves in high demand as more and more parents are filing for child support due to the economic downturn of the virus. Corey Bohan’s court filing is just one that has become eaten up by the press. His documents were filed at the Orange County Superior court by his family law attorney Los Angeles.

Bohan worked as a bartender until mid-March where he was laid off due to mandatory state lockdowns. With Partridge making significantly more money than him. Bohan believes that she should be paying him child support. He’s stated that their three-year-old child, Kirra, should have the same standard of living in both of their homes. This is a reason that many affordable child support attorneys Los Angeles are utilizing as a backbone for their cases. 

The Trend Of Child Support Cases
Bohan is not alone in his request. In fact, child support lawyers for mothers have been on the rise as unemployment continues to skyrocket due to the virus. While the Federal Government is trying to make it easier to handle child support through online live chat support, many parents still need legal help for child support. Luckily, there are many Los Angeles child support lawyers that can help.

Child support lawyers for mothers predict still seeing a rise in the number of child support requests throughout the wake of the pandemic. Financial strain can be a lot of motivation for anyone. Parents who aren’t getting a paycheck and who are still coping without unemployment kicking in are finding themselves with no other choice. If you’re in this scenario, a family law attorney Los Angeles should be able to assist you in filing your case successfully.

What Does Child Support Cover?
If you’re going to be using affordable child support attorneys Los Angeles, you should be well-informed of what you’re able to get child support for. Traditionally, many people had the misconception that child support was there to cover the cost of basic necessities. That’s not the case. Rather, child support covers all of the following:

  • Basic Necessities (ie. food, clothes, shelter)
  • Medical Care
  • Educational Fees
  • Childcare
  • Transportation And Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Extracurricular Activities

Before you file a claim for child support, you should be able to determine the costs that you’ll need for each one of these areas. If you need legal help for child support, you should seek the assistance of a lawyer in your area. They can assist you in weeding through the endless amounts of paperwork in the process to make it as pain-free as possible.

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