What To Do If You Are Charged With Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault is a very serious charge that can interfere with your ability to get work, financial assistance, and so forth in the future. When you’re arrested for domestic assault, it’s very important that you understand your rights. You shouldn’t lie to the police but you should know that you don’t have to tell them anything.

In fact, telling the police anything can give them evidence to use against you later in court. It’s best to contact your family law attorney in Los Angeles after you’ve been arrested. Let them handle speaking to the police so that you can be assured that you’re not arming the police with evidence that can come back to bite you later during your trial. Do your best to stay calm throughout the process and don’t ever physically resist being arrested.

Before Trial
When it comes to domestic assault, the police have a couple of different options for handling the charges. They do have the authority to arrest anyone involved if they see fit. This could be the person that called the cops or the other party. They can even arrest both parties. Or, they can also decide not to arrest anyone at the time.

When a person is arrested, they are usually released by a judge shortly after. In rare instances, those with a serious criminal record may be held until their court trial. It’s often a condition of the release that the person arrested has no-contact with their domestic partner until the court case. This is called a no-contact order and you can learn more about it by asking your domestic abuse lawyer Los Angeles.

Also referred to as a restraining order, this helps to instill safety for the partner who suffered abuse. You may be wondering ‘ what do I need to get a restraining order? ‘ The truth is that the judge will likely instill one of these orders upon releasing the alleged abuser. If you’re worried about whether or not the judge will issue a restraining order, you can contact a domestic abuse lawyer Los Angeles to assist with your case.

At Trial
You’ll want to hire a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney to represent you in a court of law. They have experience and expertise regarding domestic assault law that is invaluable. If this is your first offense of assault, your family law attorney in Los Angeles should be able to divert your charges by having you attend necessary counseling.

Your Los Angeles domestic violence attorney may have you undergo private counseling prior to your court date. In most cases, this will help to have the charges withdrawn against you. This is assuming that you don’t have any other serious prior charges of assault on your record.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to answer your many questions like ‘ do I need an attorney for a restraining order hearing? ‘, ‘ what do I need to get a restraining order? ‘, and ‘ do I need an attorney for a restraining order hearing? ‘. When you’re charged with domestic assault, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Hiring a good attorney is the best way to answer your questions and ensure your best legal outcome for the matter.

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