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Five Common Types of Civil Litigation Cases

There is a considerable difference between criminal and civil litigation cases. As for the civil cases, both parties are seeking money or a different form of compensation. In a criminal case, the main focus is on the criminal charges, and the prosecution team dictates the state of the trial. In a civil litigation case, each party represents itself. Each client will also need a civil litigation attorney. Some of the common civil litigation cases include:

  1. Property Disputes
  2. Property disputes usually arise when a person’s property is damaged, or there is an issue about property ownership. There are various types of property disputes, and they can be handled by business litigation lawyers Los Angeles. The most common property dispute is one whereby one person claims the neighbor crossed the border while planting a tree or building a home or fence. In such an instance, you should engage a civil litigation lawyer Los Angeles.

  3. Contract Disputes
  4. Contract disputes arise when people sign a contract, and one of the parties fails to fulfill their obligations. In some instances, the agreement may contain terms that are not strict, and that means the expectations of the individuals signing the contracts may not be fulfilled. In most cases, one of the parties may not have enough capital or manpower to fulfill their obligations.

  5. Class Action Cases
  6. Class action and tort cases are somewhat similar. The personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles is tasked with representing a group of people who were affected by the same issue. Such cases are common. The group being represented by the injury lawyer Los Angeles may have been exposed to hazardous materials at the workplace. Also, they may have consumed defective products produced by a particular company. The hazardous materials and defective products may have injured multiple people before a class action case was tabled in a court of law.

  7. Torts
  8. A tort case involves one party claiming that they were harmed emotionally or physically by another person. The tort cases may take different forms, and they usually relate to an individual’s safety, financial security, and how safe their property is. The common tort cases are closely related to injuries or accidents. Some of these cases include being physically assaulted. Negligence cases also fall under tort. When a caregiver fails to carry out their assigned duties, they are classified as negligent. A civil litigation lawyer Los Angeles is in a suitable position to handle tort cases.

  9. Complaints against the City
  10. At times, people usually have complaints against the city. Some of these complaints may be settled out of court. The main issue is that the government may fail to resolve the matter, and it will be tried as a civil case. Such a case can be tabled in a court of law as long as there is evidence that the city laws have caused any harm to the citizens.

Final Thoughts
There are different types of civil cases; however, we have mainly focused on common types. Business litigation lawyers Los Angeles usually handle civil lawsuits . If you have a claim and some supporting evidence, you’ll need a civil litigation attorney, and they will offer subtle guidance.

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