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SC v. Long Beach Memorial Medical Group- Mr. Burns co-tried a medical malpractice case involving failure to diagnose leg clots, resulting in above the knee amputation:  Initial Offer: $25,000 Verdict: $1,400,000

P v. S Company/Party Planners- Mr. Burns co-tried a negligence case involving a girl who was hit with an aluminum bat at a Pinata event during a company picnic. Parties settled after plaintiff’s opening statement: Initial Offer:  $50,000 Settlement: $400,000

Todaro v. Mancuso-Trust Dispute- Mr. Burns represented a nephew of a man who had promised him a property after he died if the nephew took care of the property.  Although the nephew took care of the property and helped with collecting rents, dealing with tenants, etc., the man changed his mind and sold the property without giving the nephew anything.  There was no written agreement and the man retained three lawyers to represent him against Mr. Burns.  Mr. Burns won the case and convinced the court that a Constructive Trust had been created entitling the nephew to the property or the proceeds from the property. Initial Offer: $30,000 Verdict: $462,000


We had been turned away by several attorneys who said that we did not have a case.  Then we were referred to Nigel Burns.  He took our case and took on three different law-firms at the same time and was brilliant at trial.  He convinced the judge to rule in our favor and we were awarded $462,000.  His compassion and intelligence as well as hard work and understanding of the law and human nature were instrumental in securing the victory.  We would recommend him with pride.

Nigel Burns had represented my wife in a trial and I had watched him as he established my wife’s case and how he handled the defense witnesses.  He was likable but persuasive and a skilled cross-examiner.  Therefore, when I had an accident myself a couple of years ago, the first person I thought of who could help was Nigel.  I know I made the right choice after he settled for the full policy limits with the driver and then got me more money from my own insurance than I had hoped for.
Stanley B
Orange County